Royal Spa Hot Tubs

Rules when buying a hot tub:

#1 Always buy a spa that has a Non-Computer Control System

  • There is nothing on a spa that requires a computer to operate.
  • The only one who benefits from spa computers is the repairman.

#2 Always buy a spa that circulates all of the time Stagnant water is usually unhealthy.Stagnant water requires more maintenance. (4 times more chemicals & 12 times more time)Turning a pump off and on reduces the pump life.

#3 Always avoid buying a spa with a 2-Speed pump

  • They are unacceptably noisy when you are trying to relax in the spa at night.  They can also be heard inside the house.
  • They cause the water to overheat during the summer time unless turned off during the day.
  • They are expensive to operate.  The newer technology in the spa industry is gradually phasing out the 2-speed pump with its high operating cost.

#4 Always buy a spa that pushes the water through the filter

  • No correctly engineered water filtration system sucks through the filter.
  • Suction type filters require considerably more cleaning maintenance and expense.
  • Restricting the water coming to a pump reduces its pumping ability. (It’s called a pump not a sucker)

This is the difference between right and wrong! IF YOU DON’T BUY A ROYAL SPA, AT LEAST BUY A SPA THAT IS PROPERLY DESIGNED.

Browse our models then visit our showroom to see for yourself how “Royal Spas are designed to be enjoyed, not maintained.”