Pool Cover Maintenance Tip

Believe it or not, warmer weather is just a few weeks away.   With all of the cold weather and snow we have received, it will be time to drain the water off of the top of the pool cover as soon as all of the ice is thawed out.

There are several reasons we want to do this task:

  1. It relieves the stress off of the cover.
  2. It diminishes the risk of the cover pulling your water tubes (or some other weights, hopefully not bricks) into the pool.  Then you have a bigger issue.
  3. It will prevent the pool from overflowing especially if we get some heavy spring rains.

Draining the water is not necessary if you have a mesh cover, although you still may want to keep an eye on the water level so it doesn’t overflow.

NOTE:  It is not advisable to put your pump on top of the cover and turn it on, then forget about it.  If the pool cover has some holes in it, the water will also drain from the pool.  This will cause more water loss than you expected and also dramatically increase the possibility that the cover and water weights will end up in the pool.

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