Hot Tub Winter Maintenance

The cold weather is upon us once again.  This is the time to take a couple of precautions in case your tub goes down.

First, you should check your hot tub at least every other day in this cold weather, just to make sure it is operating.

Second, if you don’t have a small ceramic space heater, it is a good Ceramic Space Heateridea to pick one up at any mass merchant.  They cost about $15-$25.  If your hot tub is not operating, you can open your access panel and put the heater inside the cabinet.  Close the door the best that you can.  This will keep the inside of your spa warm and prevent any freeze damage until you can get it serviced.

For Royal Spa owners:

Things to check if your tub is not operating:

  • Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped
  • If your circuit breaker is tripping.  Unplug the 3 (or4 on Ultra Models) middle plugs on the right of the control box.  You will be unplugging the jet pump(s), ozonator and blower/turbo.  You want to leave the circulation pump (usually the top plug) and the topside command center (this is the largest plug) plugged in.

Turn both of the thermostats down (one is on top of the tub and one is on the control box shown below), then try to reset your breaker.

If it stays on, then turn one of the thermostats up.  If it trips when it calls for heat then the most likely issue is the heating element but not always.  Call for service.

If your tub stays on when you call for heat, then plug each of the components back into the box one at a time.  If the breaker trips when you plug in a component, then that item is your issue which will need to be replaced.

If that’s not the problem then:

  • Make sure your skimmer basket is clean and your filter is clean
  • Make sure your water level is at the proper level.
  • Push the red Hi-Limit / Reset button on the front of the control box located in the bottom left corner.
    Royal Spa spa pak (marked up)






If your tub comes back on then check your tub every day to make sure that it stays running.  If it does not come back on then put the heater under the cabinet and call for service.

Remember freeze damage is not covered by the warranty regardless of the cause.

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