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Articles on hot tub procedures.

Hot Tub Water Chemistry Seminar

7th Annual Chemical & DIY Service Seminar Date: Saturday Jan. 31st Time: 12:00 noon Location:  D’s Pools & Spas / Royal Spa NCI 148 Creekside Dr. Kokomo, In. (765)868-8333 Topics will include: Water Chemistry Education Frequent Service Techniques Winterizing your hot tub Regular Maintenance Procedures   Attendees will receive 15% OFF of spa chemicals, parts, […]

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Ceramic Space Heater

Hot Tub Winter Maintenance

The cold weather is upon us once again.  This is the time to take a couple of precautions in case your tub goes down. First, you should check your hot tub at least every other day in this cold weather, just to make sure it is operating. Second, if you don’t have a small ceramic […]

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Going on Vacation? Turn down the temp. on the hot tub

The hot tub is a fickle mistress. Without the right care and maintenance, what is meant to be the epitome of relaxation can become a source of stress. Fortunately, the same basic rules of covering, chemicalization and cleaning apply to hot tubs as they do to pools; that is to say, it’s not rocket science. […]

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